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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A lot has happened since April!

Wow!  To be honest, I hadn't realized that much time had passed.  I often get busy and distracted, and just don't realize months are flying by.  

Let's see: first, I have lots of new Jesse James buttons in stock, and plan to carry more of them in the coming months.  They're cute, they're well made, the theme sets are well thought out, and one can find something for almost any occasion.  I also appreciate they are relevantly inexpensive, so buying a bunch of them to satisfy my need to "have it all" doesn't put a significant crimp in the budget.

For those of you who love luxury items, there are new Czech glass buttons and new rhinestone buttons in stock.  Whether you're tailoring formal wear, making costumes or just need some bling, there's quite a few new (and old) lovelies to choose from.  I do hope to carry a larger selection in the future, and I also hope to be able to carry a larger number of each style.  The shipping from the Czech Republic is still prohibitive, but not impossible, and I do believe they are worth it.  Many are so gorgeous they take my breath away, so I'll continue to make every effort to keep new choices on the virtual shelves. :D

I've also begun adding a few digital files for those of you who enjoy scrap booking and paper crafts.  A while back I went looking for some nice Photoshop textures for a personal project and was very disappointed.  There are a few sites giving away freebies, and that is nice.  But then I was a bit shocked -and annoyed, tbh- at the number of people who are repackaging and selling those same freebies.  So I realized that if I wanted something really unique that every graphic designer in the land wouldn't point to and say: "oh, look, it's freebie paper #88 from again" I was going to have to make it myself.  So I did.  Then I thought maybe a few other people would like it, so I zipped up a couple of batches, and made them available.  They can be used for business, too.  So if you need a background for a business card or a texture for a brochure, that is fine.

Next up: I hope to carry more items from Bluementhal-Lansing.  They manufacture the ever fashonable La Petite and La Mode lines, as well as a huge selection of craft and novelty buttons.  I really love their "vintage style" line and hope to add at least half of it in the coming month or so.

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  1. Good morning! I found you over on etsy! I LOVE your buttons! When I am in need of such things I will be finding you!

    Hope you will find my blog as favorable as i did yours! :)