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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Speaking of Special Orders

In my last blog post I said:

"Special orders welcome.  If I don't have what you're wanting, I'm willing to order it in for you if possible.  Just send me an message with as much information as you can: what is it, what size, how many, etc."

What I didn't say is: that's not just limited to buttons, beads or the other items you see listed in the store.  I've ordered other things that customers have asked for, too.  Paint brushes, knitting needles, glitter, and embroidery threads are a few of the items I've recently ordered for someone who asked.

If you need something special:

I need to know what it is.  Even though I order and sell a variety of items, I may not be familiar with the product you're looking for. So please give me as much information as you can.  If you know who manufactured or distributed it, that's a real plus.  If not, tell me what it is made of, what size it is, and how many you'll be needing.  If it's a button that comes carded, tell me both how many cards, and how many individual buttons.  Sometimes I can only buy them one way or the other.

A good example is: "I'm looking for 12 metal dome buttons with a squirrel paw engraved on the front.  They are about 3/4" and have shanks."

Please be patient after asking -give me time to find it.  It can be very difficult searching through a dozen catalogs looking for something that matches a blurry picture, or with only a few keywords to look for.  

Please don't wait until you're in a dire hurry.  While I'm happy to order things, most of the time it will have to wait until I'm ordering from the company that supplies it anyway.  I simply cannot place a $300.00 order and pay the shipping just to get you 2 little buttons.  Doing that would put me out of business. 

Please do let me know if you find it somewhere else, so I don't waste my time looking anymore.
Sometimes people ask for something, I go looking, then when I find it I never hear from them again, or they say 'Oh, I found those elsewhere a week ago'.  I would appreciate the heads-up so I don't waste hours looking for something that is no longer wanted or needed. 

Finally, please do be prepared to pay for the items when they arrive.  I promise to let you know what the items will cost before I actually place the order.  If that is more than you want to pay or can comfortably afford, please just say so.  I do understand completely, and it won't hurt my feelings.  But being stuck with 24 Tasmanian Kazoos that I can't resell and can't send back (most wholesaler don't take returns, others charge re-stocking fees) does hurt.  I will work with you, but please be prepared to work with me on the subject of payment. 

So...if you're unhappily hunting, and just can't find what you need, please don't hesitate to ask.  

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